Here's a breakdown of how we pick each product:

  1. Bars: Best for investment purposes and ROI due to the lower premium above spot, and the high resellers value. We put in a mix of 1oz, 5oz, and 10oz silver bars that are perfect for silver stacking.
  2. Rounds: Are still great for investments, but as a seller (you you have to shop around more when trying to find the best offer.
  3. Junk Silver and Coins: We NEVER put in junk silver or coins because there’s a larger price spread, and the investor (you) makes less since it has to be refined after you sell it to whomever. Ultimately making it a much harder item to buy and sell for a profit at any point down the line. Unless you happen to own a smelter.
  4. Graded Silver Dollars: Are best for collecting first and building value over time due to scarcity of the actual coin itself, and used as a silver investment second. Very important distinction.
  5. Intentional Variety: We put in a mix of VG-10 to MS-70 graded collectible coins (all slabbed) 1oz to 10oz silver bars, silver rounds, and gold coins so that it provides diversification from an investment standpoint. Participate in the value of the individual coins market value increase, and the raw silver and gold bullion as a secure store of value to protect against any fiat currency fluctuations.

Coin, currency, and bullion prices are updated daily due to market price changes so that we can provide the most accurate pricing and value to the customer.

If you have any other, or more specific questions about how we price, value, or buy our silver we would be more than happy to answer your questions. We can be reached at or 1-800-587-4095

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