Foreign Coins (2lb)
Foreign Coins (2lb)
Foreign Coins (2lb)
Foreign Coins (2lb)
Foreign Coins (2lb)

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Foreign Coins (2lb)

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This mix of world coins is made in-house from the world’s largest collection of foreign coins, and boasts the most diverse assortment available: different shapes, different sizes, different denominations. Approximately 100 coins per pound.

    • These collectible coins are not legal tender, which means that they can't be used as foreign currency. The number of coins from around the world are decreasing and coin value is increasing every year. These hand-picked compilations stand out due to the country specific motifs and exclusively state issues from central and national banks.
    • Good gift idea as coins for kids because it can be used as coins for games. Coin collectors can supplement coin album or coin holders with new coin sets. Good for educational projects to help children learn about other nations or just having the fun of sorting through a pile of world coins.
    • 100% guaranteed authentic.
    • Great way to start collecting foreign coins! 

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