Indian Head Grab Bag
Indian Head Grab Bag
Indian Head Grab Bag
Indian Head Grab Bag
Indian Head Grab Bag

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Indian Head Grab Bag

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Each "Add to Cart" is for Indian Head Pennies. 

For collectors, the Indian Head Penny is so popular not only because of the years in which it was minted, but also because of the historical significance this coin holds. Seeing as the first years of the Indian Head’s production fell just prior to the outbreak of the Civil War, collectors see these pieces as a part of American history. For this reason, you will find that many of the coins produced through the first ten years of the Indian Head’s existence sell nowadays for a much higher price than other editions.

Another aspect of these coins that makes them so popular is their age. It is very rare that coins are able to survive more than 100 years, and with many surviving in excellent condition, it is easy to see why collectors go head over heels for these pieces.

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