Premium Investment Lot
Premium Investment Lot
Premium Investment Lot
Premium Investment Lot
Premium Investment Lot
Premium Investment Lot
Premium Investment Lot

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Premium Investment Lot

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Every Premium Investment Lot includes real silver bars, U.S. mint/proof coins, uncirculated silver coins, vintage US coins, bullion, and more! Over 25+ old U.S. coins and rare pieces in every lot – guaranteed!

Please Note: Very Limited Quantity Available and Everything Must Go!

Every Lot Is Guaranteed To Include All Of The Following:

There will be a minimum of 25 old U.S. coins and rare investment worthy pieces included with every order. Of those 25 pieces they will include: 

  • One .999 Fine Silver Valcambi stamped bars
  • One complete U.S. mint or proof set (various denominations! the perfect addition to any collection!)
  • Two genuine freshwater pearls
  • Two old U.S. silver coins (dimes, nickels or quarters– they’re all pre-1965!)
  • One old brilliant uncirculated (BU) U.S. silver coin (silver prices are on the rise, making fantastic investment quality coins even more sought after)
  • Two old brilliant uncirculated (BU) coins (fully uncirculated, high-grade gems! All are 50+ years old!)
  • 4 Old Nickels (Pre 1939, full dates, Buffalo Nickels and/or V Nickels)
  • At least one 100+ year old coin (more than a century old! Fully readable date guaranteed!)
  • At least one coin minted during WWII (made from emergency metals when precious metals were scarce!)
  • At least five old s-mint wheat pennies (ultra rare, highly desirable s-mint pennies! The low mintage & numerous “s-mint” key dates make these some of the most valuable coins today!)
  • At least five pre-1940 wheat pennies (various dates and mint marks! An abundance of key and semi-key dates make this the perfect treasure hunt!)

All of this is packaged neatly in a reusable canvas bag (a durable canvas bag will be included with every lot purchased. the greatest way to store your new coin collection!)

Again, there will be a minimum of 25+ old U.S. coins and rare investment worthy pieces included with every order. You will also receive countless types of rare one-of-a-kind pieces from coins and pearls to .999 fine silver bars guaranteed. These lots will not last at this price very long!

Rest assured that all of the items in this collection are collector quality (no culls).

We cannot offer these lots at this price for very long. no other seller is able to guarantee silver bars in every single lot – not to mention bullion, genuine pearls, rare U.S. coinage and more. Grab as many lots as you would like. The more you purchase, the more free coins, pearls and silver bars we are able to include. Every lot is slightly different, and everything in the pictures must go!


Please note - Due to recent increases in demand we are not able to guarantee a specific delivery date, but we are doing our best to try and ship orders out within 1-2 business days of the order being placed. Please allow at least 3-5 business days (1 week) for your order to arrive. Thank you!

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