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Uncirculated Wheat Penny Roll - Coin Trader Online


Uncirculated Wheat Penny Roll (Reds and Red/Browns)

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Each “Add to Cart” is for 1 (One) roll of [50] Uncirculated (BU) Wheat Pennies. These rolls are going to date anywhere between 1909-1958 and are COMPLETELY UNSEARCHED.

Every Wheat Cent in these rolls have all/most of their original mint luster.
NOTE: They are a combination "Gem Reds" and "Red/Browns", and are ASSORTED YEARS. With the majority ranging anywhere from MS-60 to MS-63. Not all will be Gem Reds

In addition, all of these rolls are UNSEARCHED. Meaning ABSOLUTELY NO rare pennies have been pulled out. So there is a STRONG possibility of finding any of the following: rare mint marks, key dates, errors, or early dates. Although this is not guaranteed.
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The definition of a Brown coin is a copper coin that contains 5% Red surfaces or less, but its surfaces are mostly Brown. Many Brown coins contain as much as 5% Red surfaces and are described as being Brown only. Improper long-term storage, moisture and change of climate probably turned the original Red surfaces into completely Brown surfaces over time.

The definition of a Red Brown copper coin is a coin that contains from 5% to 95% Red surfaces. A lot of coins fall into this category and many coins may actually contain more Red than Brown surfaces. The hidden gems are the coins that display about 90 to 95% Red surfaces but are described as Red Brown surfaces, having just missed the full Red color designation.

The definition of a Red Coin is a coin that has at least 95% Red and up to 100% Red surfaces

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* Everything in photo not included, please read the entire description * 

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