Wartime Nickel Grab Bag (10 ct)
Wartime Nickel Grab Bag (10 ct)
Wartime Nickel Grab Bag (10 ct)
Wartime Nickel Grab Bag (10 ct)

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Wartime Nickel Grab Bag (10 ct)

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Each "Add to Cart" is for ten (10) 40% silver Wartime nickels.

Early editions of this coin, such as the 1938 edition, are popular among collectors. “War Nickels,” or Jefferson Nickels that were minted from 1942-1945, are also popular among coin collectors due to their historical significance and the fact that they contain a small amount of silver rather than nickel. In addition certain types of Jefferson Nickels may be vastly more collectable than others. Mint years, mint types and overall condition all play a vital role in determining a Jefferson Nickel’s collectable value.

These coins may also be collectable today simply due to their age. With many Jefferson Nickels being over half a century old, collectors may look for the earliest editions or for coins that have been well-preserved over the decades. The coin’s age and iconic design make it a target for coin collectors and enthusiasts alike.

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